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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1336

Please folks, don't believe this, there's multiple sites documenting this hoax, one is www.urbanlegends.com/ulz/klingerman.html .  When we see something that is this hard to believe, please do a basic search of the web to verify that it is actually news.  It is irresponsible to forward things like this without the due diligence.
Colin Anderson

> This is an alert about a virus in the original sense 

> of the word...one that affects your body...not your 

> hard drive. There have been 23 confirmed cases of 

> people attacked by the Klingerman Virus, a virus that 

> arrives in your real mailbox, not in your e-mail 

> inbox. 

> Someone has been mailing large blue envelopes, 

> seemingly at random, to people in the US and Canada, 

> front of the envelope in bold black letters is printed 

> "A Gift For You From The Klingerman Foundation". When 

> the envelopes are opened, there is a small sponge 

> sealed in plastic. This sponge carries what has come 

> to be known as the "Klingerman Virus" and public 

> health officials state this is a strain of virus they 

> have not previously encountered. Those who have come 

> in contact with the "Klingerman Virus" have 

> been hospitalized with severe dysentery (blood and 

> mucus in your stool). So far seven of the twenty-three 

> victims have died. There is no legitimate Klingerman 

> Foundation mailing unsolicited gifts. If you receive 

> an oversized blue envelope in the mail marked "A Gift 

> For You >From The Klingerman Foundation". Do not open 

> it! Place it in a strong plastic bag or container and 

> call the police immediately. The "gift" is one you 

> definitely do not want to open. 




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