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Phytosanitary Certificate

With all this talk about shipping plants - isn't a Phytosanitary Certificate
REQUIRED to be included in all shipments of live plants entering the US? If
a properly documented box of live plants arrives at a US border entry point,
I'm sure that it will be delivered correctly. But if you are sending them
"informally" (foregoing the Phytosanitary Certificate and hoping that they
will slip through Customs uninspected), you might be in for a rude shock,
especially given the current state of affairs in the United States.

A high ranking official of the U.S. Postal Service was just on CNN
describing the sorts of things that will receive more careful attention in
future and a lot of the things he mentioned should sound pretty familiar to
anyone who has ever tried to slip some plants to a friend in another country
"informally" - lumpy envelopes, envelopes with no return addreses, envelopes
with leaking contents.....

It might cost more money to do it correctly, but if it would help reduce any
possibility of potential tension it might be worth it. I do know that if I
were a postal employee and I saw a lumpy, leaking envelope going through the
system just now, I'd be more likely to call the police than hand it to a
mail carrier for delivery.

James Purchase