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Re: galvanized metal wire safe?

>I have a surface skimmer overflow that keeps skimming my panda corys and
>killifish! I found that 1/8" "rabbit cage" wire, will make a perfect top >for
>the outflow that will keep the fish out. The galvanized wire would be
>submersed in the tank a little bit...
>Do you think there are any harmful metals that will leach into the water?
>If so, do you have any other suggestions for keeping the fish out but
>letting water flow thru?

Galvanized wire (at least PROPERLY galvanized wire :-) is dipped in molten
zinc. The zinc will gradually come off into the water column if left
submersed. I don't think you would see any harm from a little bit in the
tank, but I personally wouldn't try it. You are much better off using a
piece of plastic gutter guard (which is normally polyethelene) or some
fiberglass (plastic) window screen. Either can be purchased for very little
money in most hardware stoors.


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