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I was alost certainly a titanium probe, or at least stainless steel.
Aluminum degrades *very* quickly in salt spray. Aluminum also doesn't hold
up particularly well where exposed to fresh water mist constantly, and when
added to the fact that it is difficult to solder to it is a poor choice for
use as an aquarium grounding rod.

Both stainless steel and and titanium rod can be had in small quantities
from online metal sales (http://www.onlinemetals.com). If you get 1/8" rod
you can thread it 10/32 (maybe 8/32, but one of those sizes :-) on the end
and use hex nuts to connect to it.


>Check out reef tank suppliers. They use grounding
>probes in reef tanks I know. I remember the shop I
>worked for used some sort of aircraft wire to do it. I
>think it was possibly aluminum alloy.

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