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re:Plant names references

James, sound like a very daunting task! Oriental aquarium puts out a
catalog, and I have a copy kicking around somewhere.. I can buy you one if
you want it, its under $10 I believe. All the plant pics posted by Pets
warehouse are taken from that catalog, but I wouldnt go by the names listed
on their WEB site.. FAN doesnt put out a catalog or availability list to my
knowledge, (except perhaps to their direct customers), but you can contact
them from their WEB site. FAN has several cultivars, particularly swords,
and there are other cultivars out there that neither Tropica or FAN list, so
finding a source for the name may be difficult. I think Oriental also has
their own cultivars, but getting info from them is difficult to say the

In playing the name game, it is very frustrating not only because of the
many street names, but also because of synonyms and re classification. Many
growers, big or small use different variations of the proper name,
Echinodorus X, var this or var that, or no var...I get lost! Alternanthera
reineckii var rosaefolia or rosaefolia var reineckii??

Anubias is another wierd group... can you tell me which of these are
Anubias sp. "Minima" Minima Anubias
Anubias afzelli
Anubias congensis Congo Anubias
Anubias barterii. var nana Dwarf Anubias
Anubias barterii - Type 1 Round-leaved Barterii Anubias Anubias barterii -
Type 2 Red Stem Barterii -
Anubias barterii- Type 3 Wavy
Anubias barterii. Var Grof Giant leaved barterii
Anubias lanceolata"Ikiliwindi" Large narrow-leaved Anubias Anubias gilletti
Arrow-head Anubias
Anubias caladiifolia
Anubias gracilis Heart-leaved Anubias
Anubias gigantea
Anubias spps. "spade leaf" Spade-leaf Anubias
Anubias hastifolia
Anubias heterophylla 1
Anubias heterophylla 2 Winged/Tri-leaved heterophylla Anubias
Anubias spps. "Idenau" (resembles "Frazerei" Anubias) Anubias pynaertii
Anubias frazeri
Anubias coffefolia (a var of barterii?)

Robert Paul H