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Plant names references

I know that a lot of you don't care a hoot about the proper "names" of the
plants we grow, but I also think that quite a few of us do. I have been
compiling a referenced list of scientific names of aquatic and amphibious
plants that are of interest to aquatic gardeners. Right now, I have 136
separate genera in the list.

There is a listing of aquatic plants on the KRIB, which is cross referenced
to illustrations in a number of hobby level books. In checking through this
list, and matching it to the published listings of both Tropica and Dennerle
and then making reference to a number of "official" sources, I have come up
with what appear to me to be a number of minor errors. These mistakes are
mainly misspellings, made by authors/editors in hobby level books and then
propagated through the hobby.

Note that this isn't a criticism of the plant list on the KRIB - that list
merely reports on what is to be found in the many aquatic plant books
available to hobbyists.

Two of the names in the KRIB plant list, "Figan" and "Mexican", are not
valid scientific names. I don't have a copy of the book the names came from,
so I can't make any guess as to exactly what is being referred to. I would
appreciate it if anyone who has the book in question could look up the
following two plants and let me know what they might "really" be:

Figan waterfan (Y)
Mexican Zubarieso (Y)

Y:  Picture Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants.  Yamada, H. (1989)

The plant list on the KRIB isn't the only place I have discovered suspected
errors in plant names - both the Tropica and Dennerle web sites have what
appear to be mistakes.

Ammania (KRIB) = Ammannia (L., 1753) (apppears to be a simple misspelling)
Amoracia (Dennerle) = Armoracia (P. Gaertn. & al., 1800) (apppears to be a
simple misspelling)
Figan (KRIB) = proper ID unknown, not a valid name
Hemigrafis (KRIB) = Hemigraphis (Nees, 1847) (apppears to be a simple
Hydrocleis (KRIB) = Hydrocleys (Rich. 1815) (apppears to be a simple
Hydroryza (Dennerle & KRIB) = Hygroryza (Nees, 1833) (apppears to be a
simple misspelling)
Ilysanthes (KRIB) = Lindernia (All., 1766) (Ilysanthes (Raf.) is an obsolete
synonym of Lindernia (All.))
Marsilia (Tropica) = Marsilea (L., 1753) (apppears to be a simple
Mexican (KRIB) = proper ID unknown, not a valid name
Microsorium (Dennerle, Tropica, KRIB) = Microsorum (Link, 1833) (apppears to
be a simple misspelling)
Pelioanthes (Dennerle) =proper ID unknown, not a valid name
Spatiphyllum (Dennerle) = Spathiphyllum (Schott, 1829) (apppears to be a
simple misspelling)
Telanthera (KRIB) = Alternanthera (Forssk., 1775) (apppears to be an
improper contraction of proper name)

I would like to be able to extend this listing to include cross reference to
the availability list of more aquatic nurseries and then get it posted to
the web to act as a sort of "master reference" of where folks might be able
to get certain plants. If anyone has availability listiings for either
Florida Aqua Farm or Oriental (Singapore), or any other major aquatic plant
nursery, please let me know. I'm more interested in the actual nurseries as
opposed to wholesalers or retailers.


James Purchase