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Re: Stray voltage and grounding probes

>So my question is where I can find a good quality grounding probe that does
>not leak any heavy metals into the water and that can resist corrosion and,
>above all, which is safe to use (e.g. no water leaking into electricity
>socket via wire insulation). Does anyone know of a (possibly European)
>source of good grounding probes?

Anyt metal object made out of stainless steel will meet your needs.  
Stainless steel is a good electrical conductor, but is safe around water for 
extended periods of time.  There are different grades of stainless steel.  
Probably 316 stainless would best meet your needs, but any of the others 
should work.  Suspend the rod or piece of metal in the water, and leave a 
piece sticking out the top.  To that dry piece, bolt a green wire (green wire 
is used for grounds).  You can then run that wire down to the center screw of 
an electrical switch plate, and you have your electrical ground.  If you wish 
to ground the case of the fluorescent lights, you can also attach it to the 
center screw on the switch plate.

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