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Re:SEVERE algae problem - HELP

>>I Don't *think* that fertilizer is really that necessary when push comes
to shove.  I have a 180 tank full of plants and fish and only once have I
add fertilizer. I run only ONE CO2 bottle (yeast) and the plants never stop
the bubbling.  CO2 is you problem bud. You have WWWAAAYYY to much of that
stuff. Oh one more thing. Do you have fish in that thing??

Only if you go into it blindly, not knowing what your CO2 level or KH level
is, or understanding the CO2 process. The ideal CO2 level is 20 to 30ppm as
measured against your KH value. If you have more than 30ppm, you'd start
losing fish...algae would be the least of your probelms. The biggest trouble
with DIY CO2 systems is the constant fluctuation of the CO2 level. Its this
instability that can cause problems.

Robert Paul H
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