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RE: severe algae

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my problem.

I should point out that before the yeast co2 stopped
working, I had no algae whatsoever.  You CAN have tons
of light like I do and have super fast growth, etc.  I
think it's just that the margin for error is reduced. 

I think the better co2 system I put in induced an
imbalance of macronutrients.  I'm just not sure
exactly what.  Yes, I may be adding too much Flourish,
but I think that a tank like mine would need the
highest recommended amount.  

I DO NOT use acid buffer.  Only the scooper that came
with it.    

My biggest problem now is what to do with the algae
covered plants.  My plan is to try to do more testing
and work out the macros after the blackout my tank is
undergoing now.  Will this help?  I figure maybe 4
days.  I'm not sure if all the algae will be dead
after the lights come back on.  I'm keeping my fingers

My reason for the light level is even coverage.  I
have a glass top that has a black strip down the
middle.  The PCF sits behind it.  I had intended for
that to be the sole source of light, but I found that
while it is intense, it can't adequately illuminate
the whole tank well enough from behind that strip. 
There's a clean line of red to green in my Rotala
rotundifolia.  The T8s give better coverage to the
front of the tank.  

Thanks, Cavan

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