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RE: Small Sword Plants

Ellen wrote:

"Can anyone tell me what echinodorus parviflorus v. Tropica and echinodorus
bleheri v. robustus are like and maybe how they compare?  I'm looking for
small swords and these are both listed by Arizona Gardens as small.  What
happens when they are full height?  Do they just sit there or keep getting
wider?  Are there any other swords that don't get more than say 8" high
that would be better?  Tanks are 2 and 3 watts per gallon.  Thanks."

I have both in a 3 watt/gallon (AH Supply PCF) 90 gallon. The parviflorus
stays about 1.5" high, the robustus stays about 6" high. They get thicker as
new leaves sprout from the center. As the older leaves around the edge get
ratty, I pinch them off. I have both planted in dense groups. I've noticed
some spontaneous leaf meltdown on the robustus, perhaps it is the plant's
way of controlling crowding. Because the parviflorus grows so low to the
substrate, high light with some punch, or a shallow tank, is best. My tank
is 24" deep, 20" to the surface of the substrate. The parviflorus has nicely
hammered leaves that are medium dark green. The robustus are light green and
look just like a regular amazon, just smaller. At the moment the parviflorus
is being overrun by some pearlgrass, time for a pruning.

Tom Wood
Austin, Texas, ya'll