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Echinodorus doesn't grow in my tank

Hi all,

I've a peculiar problem in my tank: whenever I plant in E. Ozelot, they'll grow
for a while and then stop completely! I've got other Echinodorus in my tanks
that are growing well. The 'Oriental' has produced 9 plantlets wuthin 2 mths,
the Rose has divided at the crown to form 2 large plants, and another 4
unidentified echis have also grown more than 1.5 ft tall. The E. tennellus has
also overtaken the low grounds, wuth not an inch of bare surface to spare.

The tank parameters is as such:

Vol: 90 gal
Light: PCF, a total of 288W, 8 hrs
Substrate fertiliser, with liquid fertiliser doing and iron tablets, Dennerle
Water temp: 26-28 degrees celcius / 78-82 fahrenheit

This is puzzling me as I've tried many times to grow the ozelot, but has failed.
The longest surviving one was the first one, which grew and gave out plantlets.
It died when I put in another one. Funnily, this time i put in 2, and they both
died. Now, could it be that both put out chemicals that snuff both of them out?

Anyone knows what is going on?


Kenny Poh