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Re: Lawsuit garbage (off-topic)

On Sat, 29 Sep 2001, William wrote:
> I'm on another online group getting trouble from a company.
> I play with a game called Aquazone (AZ for short)...


Before you get too upset you might check the license conditions that you
agreed to when you started using the game.  The chances are pretty good
that the authors of the software are just trying to make you guys stick
to license conditions that you already agreed to.  The license agreement
is usually on or outside of a sealed package.  It might say something
along the lines of "By breaking this seal you agree to the following
conditions..."  Of course there are other wordings as well.

The license condition probably specifically prohibits people from
distributing parts of the software, like the "fish" you mention.  If you
choose not to follow license conditions then you can't expect a lot of
sympathy when the owners take measures to enforce the agreement.

If you don't like license conditions then your only alternative is
unlicensed software.  Even the GPL is too restrictive for some people.

Roger Miller