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RE: M3 CO2

<<<Hello, all..

Thinking about finally taking the plunge and going lo-tech to hi-tech with
CO2 in my tanks.  Looking about the net for various components, I found the
Marine Monsters Monolith CO2 system deluxe (v6.0).  Looks like a halfway
decent package deal.  Reg, solenoid, needle valve for $149, plus a
six-needle valve manifold for an additional fifty.  Not the most fine of
needle valves, apparently, but probably sufficient for my application, and
the six-way manifold looks nice, as I have 5 tanks that could benefit from
CO2 at present.  Anyone have any experience (good/bad) with this system?

Dave Gauthier>>>

Hi Dave,
I currently own 3 different co2 regulators (Accumax, M3, and a Frankenstein)
and prefer the M3 model over all the rest. I've also used the new JBJ brand.
In my opinion the needle valves that come with the M3 kit are of the highest
quality and give me as much control as I could possibly need. It's the
valves they sell separate that aren't so good. I also use the hexifold and
love it. (The needle valves that come with it are the good ones). One thing
though, you'll need to invest in six bubble counters and possibly six
checkvalves too
Kurt N.