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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1303

I think AP's test kit is a bargain too. I use their pH, GH/KH, NH3, NO2, and
NO3 kits. They are definitely the cheapest among what I can find on shefts
in Hong Kong, and accuracy is often higher than other well known brand,
IMHO. Too bad that they don't have Fe, and PO4 kits available, at least not
in HK.


>Subject: AP NO3 Test Kit
>Below is an email exchange with AP regarding their new Nitrate test kit.
>With this information, I can now retract what I said earlier about it
>reading low in comparison to the LaMotte. It's accurate enough, and for $6
>at Petsmart (yeah, I know, I don't usually wander in there) it's a great
>tool for a bargain price. No affiliation with any companies mentioned, etc.