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HQI, HQL or just fluos?

My tank is 80cm long (26"), 50cm high (20") and 50cm deep (20").

I'd like to put the "best" light on it, seen from a plant point-of-view.
Usually my greatest concern is to get light enough, so I'm looking for a
high yield solution. Still, it has to be somewhat low in power
I'd also like to cover the entire tank with light from the top. This is
a problem with 18W tubes on a tank like mine (they're too short). The
HQL lamps tends to have an circular aperture why they dont "fit" either

Until now, I've always used fluos.

First, I've been looking into building a solution with four high quality
fluorescents having a good parabolic reflector each.

Next, I've been looking into a HQL solution with a single 125W Osram
Daylight deluxe.

Last, I'm looking into a cheap HQI solution, prefereably with a 70W

I want enough light and I want good light (think plant growth and
thriwing). Price is not unimportant, but I've even found HQI setups that
I can afford. Thus, price is no object (more or less, that is ;-).

Can the price of HQI be justified in quality and performance compared to
fluos and HQLs?

Which way shall I go?

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