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Plastic Bobbie Pins

Or is that Bobby Pins? In any case, I'm trying to find a black plastic
connector that I can use to attach Anubias to 1/2" black plastic eggcrate
that is at the back of my tank. I've ordered a quantity of the Regular size
Coffefolia from Aquatic Plant Depot (BTW, in an earlier order they delivered
beautiful plants) that I want to attach to the eggcrate. I can use zipties,
but threading them through the eggcrate will be somewhat difficult - it
stands 1" off the back of the tank, so there is room for any connector to
protrude back. I was hoping to find a plastic connector shaped like a
bobby/bobbie pin that I could just push over the Anubias rhizome and into
the eggcrate. Any thoughts?