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Hygrophila as nutrient indicator

I have two planted tanks - a 72 gallon CO2 injected, 220W tank, and a 29G
1W/gallon Flourish Excel 1x/day tank. Both tanks have Sunset Hygro
(Hygrophila polysperma var sunset?) and Willow Hygro (H. salicifolia). In
the low light tank, both Hygros are doing great, needing to be trimmed
frequently. Both are a nice green color, and the sunset has pretty red
veining & even some red leaves.

Unfortunatley things are not so good in the 72 gallon. Neither plant is
thriving. The sunset is barely growing at all. The Willow is an ugly bronze,
growing very slowly, with occasional stunted leaves - smaller than usual and
twisted around themselves.

Given that I am also struggling with hair algae and a kind of
brown-cloud-cotton-candy algae in the 72 gallon tank, is there a particular
nutrient I may be short on? Nitrates are 5-10ppm from added KNO3, I am
adding potassium and phosphate but maybe not enough? I am currently not
adding any traces, I was trying to get a handle on the macros. Substrate is
half gravel/half flourite. pH is 6.6-6.8, KH is 5.5.

Thanks in advance for your help.