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US Pride day

>Preserving our way of life and liberty is worth dieing for.
>Robert Paul H

I think the question is is it worth killing for.  One thing that has struck
me though is that from what I see we Americans are all worried about
"becoming the evil" (as I think it was put in the service in the National
Cathedral).  I think we will be  mindful of that danger, and with luck we
will take the chance to do something noble as well, as we have also done in
the past.  It would not be unprecendented for America to follow up a
crushing victory with aid and support for the vanquished.  We may not
always do the right thing, but I think we will at least try.  May we
proceed also with great wisdom and foresight!


Doug Karpa-Wilson
1821 S. Maxwell St.
Bloomington, IN 47401