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Re: US Pride day

>>One thing that has struck
me though is that from what I see we Americans are all worried about
"becoming the evil" (as I think it was put in the service in the National
Cathedral).  I think we will be  mindful of that danger, and with luck we
will take the chance to do something noble as well, as we have also done in
the past.  It would not be unprecendented for America to follow up a
crushing victory with aid and support for the vanquished.<<

Well I dont think it is in the minds of all of us, but certainly some of us.
I think the majority of people are simply stunned at the shear scope of all
of this and the justified fear of what could be next. Simply look at the
history and pattern of terrorisim and how it has evolved. For over 30 years
it has progressively heightened in severity. From simple car bombings to
stores, to truck loads of exposives, to buildings to ships...and now this.
Its mind blowing. How can they top this one? I dont want to find out. We can
not.  Nothing like this has ever happened before..nothing comes even
remotely close to it. I can not think of anything, NOTHING that would be
more worth diening for than preventing this from happening again. NOTHING.
The bravest people in all of this were the passengers that tried to overtake
the hijackers and forced it to crash in a field instead of the White House.
They knew their fate. They knew what had already happended. And look what
they were willing to do. Incredible, simply incredible.

Robert Paul H