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I think everyone around the world was devastated by the heartbreaking
pictures on CNN, and thoroughly supports any efforts to rout terrorism,
especially if it can be done on a world-wide, concerted effort basis.

I also had people I knew in the tragedy, and it is very tempting to let
anger overwhelm you and insist on retribution, but I urge you to to target
that anger at the cause, terrorist acts carried out by a small number of

I am very worried that America's past history (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam,
Korea, even Desert Storm), will take over, and more innocent lives will be
lost, in the cause of freedom and justice and 'giving it to the bad guys'.
Maybe the good thing to come out of this is to bring home the devastation
caused by such evil, violent acts - violence begets violence, and it would
be very sad indeed if any retribution ended up causing a long term war with
certain countries, or a long term situation of violence, as in Northern

It is obvious this is a world-changing thing that has happened, and everyone
will join in trying to help in some small way, to deal with it somehow.
Other countries have also tried to deal with this problem, without much
success so far - let this be the catalyst to deal with it differently, and
more effectively, without more "collateral damage".

Susi Barber