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re:PLEASE READ: >>> US Pride DAY FRIDAY 9/14

>>I also had people I knew in the tragedy, and it is very tempting to let
anger overwhelm you and insist on retribution, but I urge you to to target
that anger at the cause, terrorist acts carried out by a small number of
I am very worried that America's past history (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam,
Korea, even Desert Storm), will take over, and more innocent lives will be
lost, in the cause of freedom and justice and 'giving it to the bad guys'.
Maybe the good thing to come out of this is to bring home the devastation
caused by such evil, violent acts - violence begets violence, and it would
be very sad indeed if any retribution ended up causing a long term war with
certain countries, or a long term situation of violence, as in Northern

Susie, I do not intend to get into a political and moral debate with you or
anyone else on this list, but I cant keep myself from commenting a little...
we are definetly going on a full scale war, there is no doubt about it. And
a network TV poll shows over 80% of the USA public backs our president in a
full scale war effort to not only remove the head of this organization, but
its entire network. It is going to happen, there is no way around it. Its
not just a "few terrorists", but the organization is thought to be massive.
The threat to our own safety has been festering and growing for far to long,
and it saddens me, but it can not be allowed to happen again, or something
allowed to happen that could be even far worse. I understand where you are
coming from, I'm an old hippie from the 70s...but I grew up as I got older.
Preserving our way of life and liberty is worth dieing for.

Robert Paul H