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It has to be America

At 10:44 AM +0800 9/13/01, someone wrote:

>Tuesday was a sad day not only for the US, but it was a sad day for the
>world. Look at the havoc they created worldwide; the Asian stockmarket took
>a hit, United Airlines was grounded worldwide. But the worst of it is that
>the country a lot of countries look to for help, the "invincible" big
>brother, got hit themselves and got hit hard. That has to alter one's sense
>of reality if you're in another country.


An American friend sent me a message, part of which is quoted above.

On the morning after, the headline in the main paper here in Singapore read:
"Terrorists bring US to its knees" which seem to imply that what my
friend said above was true - that the invincibility which is usually
accorded to
America by smaller nations like my own has now been shattered.

I can't speak for all Singaporeans.  I'm just an ordinary citizen here.
What I am going to say may not be representative of the general opinion here.
I've never stepped on American soil and have only met one American in my
life but speaking as someone who follows world events closely, I like to say:

If there's any country on this planet that can pick itself up from a
tragedy like what happened in New York 2 days ago and emerged as a stronger
nation, ............

If there's any country in this world that has the spirit not to bow to
senseless acts
of terrorism like what we saw in Lower Manhattan but continue to act as a
of freedom for other nations, ............

If there's any country on Planet Earth that can pull itself together after
a crippling
setback like the destruction that has happened on Wall Street, bring cowardly
criminals to justice and make the world a better place, .......

It has to be America.

Keep your chins up, my friends.  Don't let this get you down.

Loh K L

PS* To the listmom: I promise to talk only about aquatic plants when I make
my next post.  Thanks for being so tolerant.