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fireman's offer-free plants for donation

I have some plants that I will send for a donation to the Fireman's Trust
fund for the victims in the WTC.


- both a generous amount

All I ask is you donate your conscience. Why not pay this back in Karma
bucks? It does not take much $ just a little from everyone. You'll get some
plants out of the deal so why not?
How many places even sell Veronica? It's a fast fast grower, somewhat like
Gymnocornis (spade leaf plant).

A small amount will help IF it comes from everyone.
I have some friends that are Firefighters. They are the ones that save all
of our butts when bad stuff goes down. Helping their family and children is
what they would want the rest of us that are still living to do. So do
something. They need our support. Even if you do not want plants. Send a


Tom Barr