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Re: Driftwood, Algae, and Otos

Is it too late to qualify a statement? Yes, I do think that dead stuff in
the aquarium leads to algae problems, and that driftwood qualifies as dead
stuff. And, as James said, that is a conjecture on my part based on my own
observations alone. So, IMO, YMMV, etcetera. Also, I think driftwood
specifically encourages BBA the most. Other algaes in general are probably
not as encouraged by the presence of driftwood because they don't act
directly on it. However, BBA appears to be part of the decomposition
process, in that it bores into and breaks down the structure of the wood,
appears to feed on it, and liberates nutrients that might otherwise stay
put, or at least stay put longer.  So, if you are struggling with BBA, and
have a lot of it growing on large pieces of driftwood, I am suggesting that
you might experiment with removing the driftwood to see if it helps. Do
water changes, manage nutrient inputs, and run a UV to kill the spores if
possible, while the wood is out to get a full benefit.

I have a tribe of Ottos in my 90 and no wood. They look fat and happy, but
if they would benefit from some cellulose, I guess I could throw in a twig
without any concern. Are Ottos oak fish, or are they more the cherry kind of

Tom Wood