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Re: Driftwood, Algae, and Otos

Hi Ellen,

>Having 'fessed up to thinking fish are more important than plants, I wonder
>if anyone can tell me if driftwood is necessary to the well being of
>otos?  I've read some things that say wood is necessary for all fish in
>their family, but sometime ago I yanked the wood out of my tank because I
>came to agree with this statement Tom Wood posted sometime ago:

I also read that otos need driftwood, and have provided a big piece - they
keep it pristine!  I disagree with Tom Wood's statement, I don't think the
two are indivisible - I rarely have algae, and I have lots of wood in my
tanks - African, plain old cypress courtesy of the "beach" - remember, I'm
an Aussie!, and other roots/pieces that have simply been collected and

Kind regards,

Susi Barber