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Sword Probs

Two months ago, I put three small e.tenellus chain swords in the corner
of my 15gal tank.  

Growth has been excellent, the corner is now completely taken over and
I have to turn the runners around to avoid them dominating the tank.

However the older leaves tend to melt - I thought the white/transparent
new growth was due to iron deficiency, and I've been dosing with
Flourish Iron for six weeks and new growth is back to green.  Calcium
is low and I added a teaspoon of calcium carbonate to the filter a week
ago, but it just seems to be sitting there.  Substrate is 5" of 3-6mm
river gravel with clay balls and vermiculite.

I'd appreciate it if a couple of the Plant Gurus could take a look and
advise what could possibly be wrong.  The image on a 17" monitor is
approx twice full size.



Charlie Lear
Melbourne, Australia