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Re:melted sword leaves

Charlie wrote:
> However the older leaves tend to melt - I thought the white/transparent
> new growth was due to iron deficiency, and I've been dosing with
> Flourish Iron for six weeks and new growth is back to green.  Calcium
> is low and I added a teaspoon of calcium carbonate to the filter a week
> ago, but it just seems to be sitting there.  Substrate is 5" of 3-6mm
> river gravel with clay balls and vermiculite.

Now you have clay balls and iron in the sub correct? Iron is a TRACE. You
have severe necrosis and melting of plant tissue. While possible for it to
happen it is unlikely and Echinodorus sp tend to have massive well developed
roots systems to get things like small amounts of iron etc.
My bet is something like uprooting and movement of the plants, too low NO3
levels perhaps K and P as well.
Your success may be simply taking better care of the tank generally. And not
the iron supp's. You can add the CaCO3 to the substrate also. I've had the
leaves melt in the past and it happened when I ran the NO3 too low. Looked
just like yours. Or when I moved the plant and it needed some time to adjust
and get established.
Tom Barr