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nitrates, phosphates, algae and CO2

John, thanks so much for the reply.  Yes, I meant pH was 6.4 not the CO2.
My fingers got confused he, he.  Or perhaps it was my brain..

I knew the darkness and plant combo would lower the pH, I just didn't expect
it to drop that much.

I haven't tried Hach kits but I do adore LaMotte.  I will check out the Hach
iron kit though.

The only reason I still had the UV on was paranoia I guess :), I'll remove
it tonight.  Shoot, the most horrible thing that would happen (I think he,
he)  would be GW which is easy to fix . Plus, I will stop running into the
open hood door and teaching my daughters colorful new phrases! I'll also
clean the algae out again and start the phosphates tonight with the
nitrates.  Now where is my UPS guy  with the phosphates!