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Re: Nitrate test

Lazarus Miskowski <lazmiskowski at yahoo_com> wrote:

>I have been thinking that there isn't a good,
>inexpensive nitrate test kit on the market. 
>Specifically a test that accurately measures at lower
>levels (0-10ppm) and costs less than 25$.
>So I am interested in making my own.  I have enlisted
>a chemist who is willing (possibly) to tackle this.
>Questions that I wish to throw out to the group:
>1) is there a need for this kind of test?
>2) what anions are commonly found in aquarium water? 
>(cl-, hco3-, ...?)

I use Tetra's $7.99 NO3 test together with DIY reference solutions 
made out of distilled water and KNO3. The test is sensitive down 
to 2-3 ppm, and can discriminate within 2-3 ppm as well. Good enough 
for my purposes, but if you are looking for accuracy and precision 
at the 1 ppm level, you'll need something else.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD

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