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Re: hot PCF

Scott H. wrote:
"Then general rule on fan placement is, place the fan so that it blows first
on the hot end of the bulb and blows along the length of the bulb.  This
prevents the chance of over-cooling the "cool" end of the bulb and reducing
the bulb's efficiency.  Ideally the fan should blow mostly through the area
just below the bulb(s)--otherwise the bulb and socket assembly impedes much
of the air flow."

Bill Wichers wrote:
"The end with the wiring is the hot end. Ideally you would want to have the
fan blowing on the cool end and exiting out the hot end, with the hood
acting as a duct to carry the air along the tube. In this way the entire
tube would see a nice, cooling thermal differential."

Flip a coin guys? Which one is the better way?

For what its worth, the ballasts on my AH Supply sourced lights are mounted
remotely in a box which sits beside the tank. While it's warm, it isn't hot.
But the bulbs themselves do keep the enclosed area under the hood at very
"tropical temperatures" and a couple of fans might be a good idea.

James Purchase