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Re: hot PCF

>I cannot leave the lid open or anything because I just
>bought 17 Caridina japonica.  You know how they are. 
>Escape artists.  

You could make a "fence" with screening (I've used plastic gutter-gard (the
kind on a roll) before with some success) or acrylic if you would like an
open top tank AND fish inside of it.

>Which end of the bulb is the hot end?  The end that
>plugs in, or the other.  The unit is inside an old
>Perfecto single bulb strip light, so I wouldn't have
>more than a 2.5 x 3 inch space to put a fan in on the
>end.  Can that be done?  How much money about?  Aren't
>they relatively cheap?

The end with the wiring is the hot end. Ideally you would want to have the
fan blowing on the cool end and exiting out the hot end, with the hood
acting as a duct to carry the air along the tube. In this way the entire
tube would see a nice, cooling thermal differential. I admit that in my own
fixtures the flow is reversed from what I describe, but it does still work
well. I use beefy (not quite) 20 CFM 2" fans though.

>The ballast is mounted on the back of the strip light.

You probably don't need to cool the ballast if it is exposed to the open

BTW, you can get cheap (<$5) fans from All Electronics
(http://www.allcorp.com). The tradeoff is that they are surplus fans and
they don't list many specs beyond voltage. DigiKey (http://www.digikey.com)
carries the Comair Rotron and NMB lines, both of which are excellent. I use
NMB fans in my own hoods.


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