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Re: Hot PCFs! Boiling Water!

Cavan wrote:

"My AH Supply PCF unit produces an extraordinary
amount of heat.  Heats up the whole room in fact.
What can I do to cool things down?"

They do run hot. I have three 96 watt lamps over a 90 gallon. It's a custom
enclosure. When the ballasts were inside the light fixture, the 1/8"
Plexiglas lens melted. I moved the ballasts outside the fixture box. I run a
3" Radio Shack 120 volt fan into the fixture box that is plugged in to the
same timer with two of the lamps. The third lamp is on its own timer. I'm
experimenting with the duration of that third lamp to see if I can tweak
down the total number of watts/day used by the tank. I run a split
photo-period that totals 11 hours per day. The lights are off in the
afternoon, which is the hottest part of the day. Regardless, I had to add a
new air conditioning vent to the room this tank occupies, partly because of
the heat from the tank. Part of the price to pay when you let "nature" into
your house.