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Hot PCFs! Boiling Water!

I forgot to state the basic points:

Try raising the lights first since that's the easiest and cheapest. 
Shorten the chains or put the hood up on blocks, temporarily, to gauge
the effect.

If the lights are raised, yu can also try opening up a closed tank to
let evaporation help cool the water.  You risk jumping fish, if you
have that type, and increased CO2 loss if you add CO2 and agitate the
surface much.  On the other hand, planted tanks can look great when
opened and the plants grow roight out into the room.

Most promising to have results, imo, are fans.  But there is a time,
dollar, and effort cost.

Chillers are, as I said, the last resort of the desperate and the reef
tankers--which often comes to the same thing.:-)

Scott H.

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