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Hot PCFs! Boiling Water!

My AH Supply PCF unit produces an extroirdinary
ammount of heat.  Heats up the whole room in fact.

My water temperature climbs up to over 84F at night. 
And that's the reading off of a stick-on thermometer
at the bottom side of the tank.  Must be even higher
at the surface.  Sure feels like it.  Could be 88 for
all I know.  I'm sure it's the lights.  A big factor
anyway.  The unit (and the T8 unit) is sitting right
on top of the glass lid.  

What can I do to cool things down?  Raise the lights? 
Wouldn't that decrease the effectiveness?  I know
light penetrates air easier than light, but how much
of a difference would it make?  

Anything else? 

Thanks, Cavan    

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