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On the topic of Fe test kits....

Been there... IME, the Red Sea Fe kit I bought had no result at all (hope I
don't get sued for that comment ;) )

Anyway, I liked the Sera because it said that there "was" Iron present,
although how much it was always difficult to tell. I could not find it
anywhere (the Sera), so I picked up the SeaChem kit. Guess what? No reading.
Followed the directions and all I get is a little yellow puddle. There
should be Iron in there (the sample from the tank) because I've been adding
5-10 ml of TMG/day... (55G, w/Flourite).

Maybe someone can shed some light on this. Seachem seems to have good
products. I'd think that I got an old batch (the kit) but the store I got it
from was not carrying Fe test kits at all. They did have a recipe for a
"reference" solution, I'll give that a try tonight... Can my plants be
consuming all of the Fe in a few hours and leaving me with nothing for a

BTW Steve, since upping the traces significantly and cutting back on the K,
things are growing: Even the Macrandra was pearling last night... Thanks a
million for the time. I'll keep you posted on how its going.

- Jeff