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Re: Ratios

Tom Wood wrote: 

> This isn't all that complicated. If I don't get a
> reasonable answer, the fish die at noon..........

Sushi at Tom's place!

The ratios say that you shouldn't use both KNO3 and K2SO4.  KNO3 by
itself provides K:N in a weight ratio of 2.8:1, which is already quite a
bit higher than the target ratio you sited (if that was a weight
ratio).  Adding more K from K2SO4 would throw the ratio off even more.

I think you can just toss out the ratio.  Make sure your plants have
enough potassium, then worry about the nitrate and phosphate.

People (Steve Dixon, to name one people) have found that you can add a
lot of potassium without detrimental side effects and with some reported
improvement even at levels that I seem to recall exceeded 60 mg/l.  So
you probably don't need to worry about how much you dose.  Just keep it

Roger Miller