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Re: iron and TMG etc

Roger S. Miller wrote in response to my comment that I suspect that if
I had no iron (0.0ppm), this deficiency would show up in the plants:

"Not true.  The necessary amounts of iron are actually far lower then
the test kits can measure.  If you can measure anything at all then
either the kit is wrong or your tank has far more iron in it then the
plants will use.  Plus, the only plants that would even care what the
iron content of your water is are the floating and maybe the attached
plants.  The rooted plants can get their iron from the substrate."

Floating are doing fine.

A submeasurable level is all that's needed?  Others have said the 0.1
ppm is plenty.  Tom Barr has suggested a rate of as much as 0.5 - 0.7
ppm.  The range to choose from is awfully large.  (Tom's number was for
specifically for a high CO2, high macro tank.)  If Tom learns of an
accurate test for iron, maybe I can find out what's in my water column.

This keeps getting more interesting, at least to me and hopefully to
others that add, or consider adding, iron.  Have those that now say the
submeasurable to 0.1 ppm iron is all that's necessary tried Tom's
suggestion for going to much higher levels?

Whatta think, Roger, et al?

Scott H.

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