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cooling fans

Shireen Gonzaga wrote:
"Subject: cooling fans

Hi ... I need to install some small computer cooling fans
on my plant and microreef tanks. Any suggestions for
nice quiet fans in the US?


Most on-line fish stores sell one or two models of fans.  Rarely are
any specs listed--often not even the voltage, airflow, or loudness.

www.mouser.com, an electronics parts house, carries a variety of fans
listing airflow (as cubic feet per minute CFM), watts, loudness (dbs),
voltage, usually also the air flow direction/spin direction, and other
features.  This makes for some good choices.    Also, www.ebm.com, a
fan manufcturer, makes some very good fans of all kinds, inlcuding the
radial type often found on cumputers and aquarium lights.  Through
there site you can search for a local vendor.  The make some of the
quietest fans, at given dbs, around, but tend to be expensive.  Mouser
used to carry these along with there other fans but now carry only the
less expensive line.

Hope this helps.

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