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Re: iron and TMG etc

S. Hieber wrote:
> Alex R has suggested that my Fe levels are 0.0 ppm. Doesn't seem
> possible.  I think the plants would mind more than they apparently do.
> Which in not to say that levels are might not be low due to no
> weekly/daily adds of bottled iron.
> Alex, I'm not trying to be smug, but I don't understand why you are
> saying this.  If it's plant growth, I think you have me confused with
> someone else.  If it's the Red Sea test results, I thought those were
> infamously uninformative.

Scott, all I was saying is that your Fe could measure 0.0 but plants could
still have access to it from somewhere, such as from the substrate. Further,
0.0 ppm does not mean that there is not a single atom of Fe dissolved in the
water. A level of, say, 0.02 ppm would still correspond to 0.0 ppm because
the latter is only significant within 1 digit after the decimal point.

But if you're not dosing Fe to the water column, the concentration is most
likely undetectable. Iron gets depleted relatively quickly. So if you want
to have a higher Fe level for one reason or another, you should assume that
currently, it's immeasurable.
Alex R