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Dwarf Lobelias (NOT cardinalis)

Hi, all! I recently found (at the drug store, of all places) a packet of 
seeds for a plant called "dwarf lobelia," which shows a picture of pretty 
blue flowers. It indicates that it grows to about 6". Well, presently, my 
all-time favorite "aquatic" plant is submersed Lobelia cardinalis. They 
grow slowly enough for my 2.5-gallon plant tank, and they're simply lovely. 
So I was wondering if these dwarf lobelias, OR any other lobelia can also 
be grown submersed like the cardinalis. If I were to grow them from seeds, 
how would I go about their transition to life underwater?

Also, I know that L. cardinalis was once rumored to leach poison into the 
water if cut, and there is no evidence to support this. But would it be 
possible that other varieties of lobelia would?

I have a feeling I'm not going to get too many replies to this... It's more 
of a botany question, I guess. Maybe it's time for me to start 
experimenting on my own ;o). Thanks if *anybody* can help!