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Re: PO4

>  Last questions, where does one
> obtain potassium phosphate, phosphoric acid or H3PO4? I am not sure what
> H3PO4 is.  I sure wish I had paid attention in Chemistry instead of being
> the class clown....

H3PO4= phosphoric acid
You can get this at hydroponics places as it's most often used in pH down.
Some hydroponics places use H2SO4 for pH down so as to keep the plants
growing vegetatively. Just ask they will know what your after.
Fischer Chemical supply has monobasic potassium phosphate. A jar will last a
> I plan to add the TMG (about 40 ml) and stump remover (1 teaspoon) this
> weekend when I remove the UV and then wait a couple of weeks before adding
> the phosphate unless that is a mistake?

I doubt you'll need to wait that long. Perhaps 3-5 days max. I would not add
the 40 mls at once. Dole it out over a few days. Add more as plant growth
increases. Folks always seem to freak to some degree when they have good
macro's/CO2 at how much trace you can add.

>  I was under the impression you
> always waited a few weeks after starting something different to see what
> happens.

 3-4 weeks is a good time to figure out if what your doing works or not.
Many rush after 2-3 days and assume something does or doesn't work.

>  Since it is obvious I am deficient (or it was to everyone but me)
> do I add it all this weekend or wait on phosphate?  I am so sorry to beat
> this to death  but I am worn out on this GW fiasco!

Green hell:) I wait 1-3 days. Then add the PO4.
Tom Barr 
> Thanks so very much!!
> Daphne