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Re: Dwarf Lobelias (NOT cardinalis)


Regarding the Lobelia you bought at the drugstore, check the following URL:

The plant is Lobelia erinusm its an annual and I've never heard of anyone
trying to grow it underwater, but don't let that stop you from at least
_trying_. Follow the sowing instructions given in the above link and then,
after the seedlings have gotten a good start, try to keep the soil wetter
and wetter (a little bit at a time to allow the plant to adjust) and then
start actually submerging the plant (again, a little bit at a time). The
worst thing that could happen is that you end up drowning a few plants.

Be sure to save a few seedlings and plant them in a hanging basket - if you
have a cool room with a sunny window you'll end up with color all winter,
its got really pretty flowers.

Good luck,

James Purchase