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more moss mystery

Well, folks, the moss discussion seems to have died down...just in time for 
me to have this to add.  I have bought java moss locally and from AZ 
Gardens.  Both were a stringy sort of moss, like lots of fuzzy threads.  I 
have also bought willow moss from aquabid, and it was something 
different--stiffer, wider, and traveled worse than java moss.  I have also 
gotten christmas moss from Loh Kwek Leong.  This was altogether different 
from the previous two (based on my observation, as I'm certainly no 
botanist).  It was more flexible, for lack a better word, like java moss, 
but shaped a little more like willow moss, but a nice bright green (willow 
moss seemed to be darker, except on very new growth).  Well, today I got an 
order of java moss from aquaticplantdepot.com and guess what...it isn't like 
the java moss I get at the LFS or from AZ Gardens...it isn't willow moss 
like I've gotten from other hobbyists...it IS, however, as near as I can 
tell, the same as the christmas moss that our friend from Singapore sent.  
When the over seas supply runs out, that's the place to go for it.  It may 
not be exactly the same species, but on my examination, it was close enough 
that I'd say its the same as christmas moss.  $12 for .25 pound, and $40 for 
one pound. Anyone else bought this from them?

Cameron Case, who left out scientific names on purpose

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