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RE: Nitrates for plants, how to up nitrates?

In my two planted tanks, I have some biological filtration occurring.  Now,
if I need to increase my nitrates since they're at 0 in both tanks, should I
take the biological filter media out of the filters?

Tank 1 info:

29 gallon planted in my office with vals, hydro, java moss, crypts and
elodea.  pH is 7.5 to 7.8.  The water is hard and I've introduced a
DIY-yeast CO2 bottle to help lower the hardness.  I have a power filter with
sponge on the intake pulling in the CO2 bubbles and another sponge in the
power filter.  Fish are: 2 swords, 1 male betta, 2 corys, 3 red eye tetras,
4 ottos, and a growing guppy population currently at 4.  Oh, and a ton of
small assorted snails.  Fish get fed 5x week.

The plants are very slow growing even with the 3 watt/gallon and 3x weekly
fertilizing with Natural Gold.  Substrate is just gravel with mulm.  Had a
blue-green algae bloom when I arrived back from vacation thanks to the guy
over feeding my fish.  Now it's under control after I rinsed the plants off
and replanted.  Had some hair algae, bought the swords, now that's under
control.  Also added Algae Fix for 1 week upon return.  No plant loss.  Java
moss is growing like crazy.  Hydro is growing very slowly.  Some of the new
growth on vals is light green.  Elodea growth is very slow.

Tank 2:

90 gallon planted with vals, hydro, java moss, crypts, rotola indica,
elodea, pearl grass, java fern, clover, hair grass, hornwort, sunset hydro,
and a number of unidentified stems that just keep coming up.  pH is 7.2 to
7.4.  Water is not as hard as office tank.  No CO2 yet.  Filtered by a
Fluval 404 with sponge inserts and BioMax rings in two of the levels.  Fish:
8 tiger barbs, 5 clown loaches (3"), 8 corys, 2 mollies, handful of guppies,
4 gold tetras, 1 sm pl*co, 6 ottos, minimal number of snails.  Fish get fed
2x daily.

Substrate is 1" kitty litter, 1" sand, 2-3" gravel and mulm.  2
watts/gallon.  Vals grow like crazy.  Hydro gets trimmed 2x month.
Otherwise, minimal pruning.  Fertilized with Natural Gold daily.  Had a
small beard algae growth on old plants leaves.  Added Algae Fix, now it's
almost gone.  No plant loss.

Even when I started the tanks back in early May, I've never had any
nitrates/nitrites registering on my tests.  Now, I'm concerned that the
plants aren't getting any nitrates and that's why I've had some algae growth
lately.  I was thinking of pulling out all the biomedia and replacing it
with just floss.  Would that increase my nitrates?  Or would I need to add
even more fish?  I don't like crowded tanks.

In St Paul, MN