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Algae life histories

Many folks have suggested many things about algae here and elsewhere. Life
histories is one that is seldom if ever addressed on these list.
Some such as Dinoflagellates have up to and at least 24 life stages that are
known (there may be more). Now why would something do this you might ask? It
could be so the algae can "ride out the storm" so to speak or get by when
there's no N  or P or or or...perhaps life history No#2 can do great in no P
environments. Maybe No3# can in low N environments etc etc. My point is that
in almost every nutrient combo that we have tried they have seen it, been
there, done it for a few million years AT LEAST. They can have many
alternations of generations like plants do(most plants have two). Plants can
get by drought by making the next generation the seed or spore etc. Algae
have different strategies. I'm not certain if the algae that bug us have
these multiple stages in life but It will not surprise me one bit if they
do. Something to consider.

I've seen some such as a green film that forms fast(in 2 hours it reformed
on glass after being scrubbed clean). A week later I never saw it again.
Everything was fine. What triggered it? I do not know. But it could have
been one of the life history stages that came and went. Don't assume they
are like plants too much anyway. They can be crafty little beast with
incredible methods we don't even know about. How can a plant compete with
this:-)? Hehe. Folks say they are SO SIMPLE. Surrrre:)

Tom Barr