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Re: GW world records

No you can't get in there. I'm the only person that does GW blooms on
purpose most likely on these list.
But D,
No NO3's.
Very low PO4.
= Bad place for bacteria and plants.
= 250 watt MH great place for GW.
You have a classic GW problem and you will continue if you don't either
A) Change the NO3, PO4's and bring them up
B) The kill the GW (see any number of methods) -> first kill, then raise the
levels up. I do this by adding a bunch of NPK when I see the GW coming on. I
do a  water change first then dump in the NPK/Trace right after and lights
out for a few days. When the lights come back on it's clear and the bacteria
have been fed along with the plants. Wait a couple of days then start dosing
up to 5ppm of NO3 and .5ppm of PO4 etc. Wait 2 days then start your normal
dosing regime.
C) Buy a UV and turn on every so often.

You will not beat the other types of algae by attempts at starvation since
the plants fed on N and P as well. Algae can live on nothing especially this
one. Think about having a "range". Stop with starvation. Algae will beat
Tom Barr