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Hair Algae Bloom In Established Tank: No Apparent Cause

In the past two months I've had an uncontrollable bloom of hair algae (The long, fine, flowy
kind) move into my tank.  A)I've added no plants or fish in at least six months.  B)The amount
or type of food I give on a daily basis hasn't changed.  C)The same PMDD/Florapride mix I've
been using for almost a year is still being used in the same amount.  D)Lighting hasn't
changed in any way.  E)CO2 levels, while unmeasured, should have remained unchanged in any
way, as DIY bottle rotation hasn't changed.  Plants pearl consistently.   F)Maintenance of
filters and water change schedules haven't changed. 

The only thing that varied over the past months is that during a recent two-three week heat
wave the tank temp rose well above 85 degrees, remaining there for almost two weeks.  Could
this have caused the current situation? If not, what?  

Tank Specs:
90 Gallon, heavily planted
Moderate to heavy bioload.
2x96 Watt AH Supply "BrightKits" (PC flourescent)
Ammonia-0  Nitrites-0  Phosphates-0  Nitrates-10~15   Fe-?
Fertilizer = PMDD +  Tetra Flourapride  + Jobes Houseplant

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