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Dupla or Dennerle substrate heater cables?

There are two schools on heating cables wattage.  ONe says they sahould
be one ALL the time to maintain convection currents and warm roots, so
low wattage is necessary (this is the Denerrle School for lack of a
better name).  Then there is the Dupla School who's view is, I think
well explained in George Booths' very recent response to one of my
posts on this board.

You pick your experts, you pick your theory, you pick your cable.  For
me, George's view makes a lot of sense, especially regarding evenness
of heating and lack of convection--after all. water conducts heat
reasonably well, and gravels, clays, soils retain heat rather well, so
constant heating at low temperature differentials is less likely to
cause convection within the gravel.  

And then there is line voltage versus low voltage--but that's another
bag of beans. ;-)

Scott H.

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