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Re: correlation

> Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 18:22:51 -0400
> From: Shireen Gonzaga <whimbrel at home_com>
> Subject: nutrient/algae correlations
> Have any studies been done linking particular nutrients to
> specific types of algae? I've heard that hair (or is it thread?)
> algae is caused by excessive iron. What about other algaes
> like spot, brush, etc.?

There's plenty done on natural systems. But this is where folks get into
issues when dealing with tanks. Not everyone has CO2 levels at 18ppm
throughout the test or add the same amount of fish foods, or adds the same
amount of a number of other nutrients or has the same plants or does a
similar water changing routine etc. You can model it perhaps but you need to
set other parameters to do so. Assumptions can get you in trouble with
models but helps to understand some things.
But aside, if the other things are in a good range, you can move one
nutrient around a great deal and have decent plant growth still. Also, how
long are you talking about? Tanks can take very heavy spikes in short time
periods etc. Lighting amounts also can play a big role. Lots of things
besides one nutrient can be at work there.
Try working backwards eliminating everything else as a possible cause and
double, triple checking the other things before looking at the nutrient in
It's work. And you have to decide on what baseline your going to set the
other parameters at and the lighting etc. Herbivory will have a greater
effect on algae in a slow growing/lower lighted tank etc.
Tom Barr  
> thanks,
> shireen
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> Shireen Gonzaga
> Baltimore, MD
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