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Re: Dual stage regulators and CO 2 Setups

At 03:48 PM 8/16/01 -0400, Scott H wrote:
>I have heard several people with more experience than me report that
>the rubbery-flubbery silicon tubing (the so-called ozone resistant
>stuff) breaks down from CO2 faster than regular airline tubing.  Does
>anyone have any data on CO2 effects on tubing or its supposed diffusion
>through the walls of tubing?  People have used ordinary airline tubing
>for years without any apparent accelerated breakdown of the plastic.

I have sold many many reels of rubbery-flubbery silicone tubing (silicon 
tubing would likely be made of glass) and it has shown no signs of breaking 
down in three years.  Any plastic or glass tubing should resist degradation 
by CO2 very well.   The most important thing about the tubing is that it 
makes a good seal with the fittings used and stays on.

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